My Experience with TribalAdNetwork + ClickBank

My Experience with TribalAdNetwork + ClickBank

My Experience with TribalAdNetwork + ClickBank

Last August 2017, TribalAdNetwork is the Display or Banner ad network. I Joined and  I deposited Funds $30 in there.

you check Screenshot on Clickbank report and tribaladnetwork Reports

TribalAdNetwork Report Month

tribaladnetwork reports month

Banner Size Reports

Tribaladnetwork banner Size reports

Clickbank Report

tribaladnetwork clickbank report

Campaign Report in August

Spent = $10.13

Bid set = $0.05 to $0.10

Clicks = 372

Note : Few Bot bad clicks removed from moderation

Sale = $4.24 + Upsell $2.84 = $7.08

ROI = Spent $10.13 Subtract Sale $7.08 Equal Loss $3.05 ($10.13 – $7.08 = $3.05)

I say you that website is real traffic and remove bot bad clicks.

if you are interested to display banner advertiser website.

TribalAdNetwork is the ad network has more than 10,000 direct publishers and more than 100 campaigns actives.Also, using its exchange platform your advertising campaign is displayed in the multiple ad networks.Choosing to monetize your content its system will place ads with the highest CPC rate based on your own traffic.

Tribaladnetwork is the intelligent PPC Ad network that helps Advertisers and Publishers to increase their business with online ads.

Let’s start work here

1.  Register

TribalAdNetwork Register

2. Fill form Register

Fill register on tribaladnetwork

3. Click Advertiser Views

tribaladnetwork advertiser campaign

4. Click +New Campaign

Tribaladnetwork New Campaign

5. Choose Target Geo or country

tribaladnetwork target country

6. Choose Category and Keywords

tribaladnetwork category and keywords

7. Create Text Banner ads or Upload Banner Ads

tribaladnetwork create banner ads

8. Add Affiliate Link or Website link then click check URL and final click save

tribaladnetwork add website link

9.  Set Bid minimum $0.05 but between $0.05 to $0.10 depends on your country

tribaladnetwork bid set minimum

10. Final Step You can Deposit Minimum $30 in there

tribaladnetwork deposit checkout

How can I pay for my ads?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Diners Club credit and debit cards. will appear on your bank statement. Sorry, we do not accept PayPal (or other 3rd-party processors) at this time, however, you may use your PayPal credit/debit cards instead.

if you have a doubt this website then ask us to comment here

My Experience with TribalAdNetwork + ClickBank

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